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InterfaceKit Boards

This release was tested using an InterfaceKit 8/8/8 with a variety of different sensors (temperature, light, IR range, joystick).

The InterfaceKit Test Service displays the values of the Inputs, Outputs and Analog Sensors in a web browser. However, it incorrectly displays 16 Inputs and Outputs (instead of 8) because the code does not check and these arrays are dimensioned to 16. Also, in IE8 you might find that the page is too long to fit in the window, but there is no scroll bar. This is a "feature" of IE8 because the page is generated by transforming XML code and somehow it gets the page length wrong.

There is no HttpPost handler in the Test service, so you cannot set the Outputs (and they will always display as 0, false, or not set).

The XSLT file (for displaying the web page) should really be on the InterfaceKit service, not the Test service. This will be fixed in a future release.

Note that the Test service displays the analog values, but does not display the raw values. The actual InterfaceKit service does provide the raw values though. You will need to transform the input values into the correct units. The formulae for doing this are in the documentation for the various sensors, or you can see the formula when you select a sensor type in the C# sample program from Phidgets called InterfaceKit-Full.

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