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Project Description
MRDS (Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio) Services for Phidgets provides additional services for Phidgets sensors and controllers that are not included in the RDS package itself.

Available Services

Phidgets boards connect to a PC using a USB port. You must download and install the Phidgets .NET package before you can use the MRDS Services for Phidgets.

The services are provided only as source code and must be compiled before use. This requries Visual Studio C# (any Edition of 2010). The source code has been updated so that it works with RDS 2008 R3.

The following services for Phidgets boards are included in the Phidgets package:
The services also include the following generic contracts defined by Microsoft:
  • Motor
  • Encoder
  • Contact Sensor

NOTE: The services were tested with the 64-bit Phidgets.NET.dll version (dated 15th June 2011) on Windows 7 using Visual Studio 2010. Not all of the services have been tested due to the wide array of boards that are available. See the links to the different board types listed above for more information and updates.

Further Developments

Additional boards might be added to this project over time. There are still several boards that are not included. If there are any particular boards that you would like to see supported, please let us know, e.g. RFID.

If you would like to assist with this project, please contact Trevor Taylor. (See the People page). Because of the complexity of the task, you should be prepared to offer some proof of your skills with RDS. This is not intended to discourage people from contributing, but novices might find it hard to create new services.


This is an independent software project. It is not affiliated with or supported by Microsoft or Phidgets. No connection with Microsoft or Phidgets is implied. The name Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (abbreviated here to RDS) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Phidgets is a vendor of sensors and controllers that connect to PCs via USB.

The RDS services in this project are intended for educational purposes only and should not be used for commercial packages because their reliability is not guaranteed. No warranty is expressed or implied.


Thanks to Phidgets for the initial versions of these services (from RDS V1.5) and the technical details for programming the boards.

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